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About the Jordan Cove Project

  • The Jordan Cove LNG Project is a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project consisting of a 229-mile pipeline and an LNG facility where natural gas will be cooled into a liquid.
  • The underground pipeline will start near Malin, OR, at the intersection of the GTN Pipeline and Ruby Pipeline systems. It will cross Klamath, Jackson, Douglas and Coos counties, where it will connect to the LNG facility that will be located on the North Spit of Coos Bay.
  • At the LNG facility, natural gas will be cooled from a gaseous state into a liquid form and then transferred to LNG ships for commercial marine transport to Asia.
  • Natural gas is one of the most abundant and clean burning energy sources in the world today. LNG transport is the safest and most reliable method of natural gas delivery around the globe.

Your opinion matters, now more than ever.

  • FERC wants to hear from local supporters just like you about why they support the Project.
  • On March 29th, FERC issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that outlined the impact the Project will have on the environment and local communities.
  • Now, FERC is asking for public comments on the DEIS and the Project, with the public comment period closing on July 5th.
  • FERC will make its final decision in January 2020, and if the Project is approved, it will allow the Jordan Cove Project to invest in Southern Oregon and the South Coast.

Tell FERC why you support the project.

The Jordan Cove Project is one of the largest-ever private investments in Southern Oregon – and the first major investment in a long time -- providing economic and environmental benefits throughout the region:

  • During construction, the Jordan Cove Project will create more than 6,000 good-paying construction jobs at peak, including approximately 1,000 jobs per year during the construction of the LNG Terminal, and approximately 1,400 jobs per year for the construction of the pipeline.
  • Once operational, Jordan Cove will provide hundreds of direct jobs and more than 1,500 related jobs. In less populated rural Oregon, the impact of one job has the effect of 50 or more jobs in the Portland area. Rural Oregon desperately needs new employers and employees.
  • The Project is environmentally responsible, and will invest $100 million in environmental protection, including efforts like the restoration project at the old Kentuck golf course that will create more than 100 acres of critical Coho salmon overwinter and rearing habitat.
  • Once operational, the Project will be a major economic contributor to communities, becoming the largest taxpayer in Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties, and providing $110 million in tax revenue every year for state and local governments.

If you support this $10 billion-dollar Jordan Cove investment, the thousands of jobs and the revenue for essential services it will bring to Southern Oregon and the South Coast, submit your comment now! Now is the time and you can make the difference!

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